Florida Native Seasonings

Check out our friends at Florida Native Seasonings. They sent us a sneak peak of their "Citrus Fire" seasoning, which goes great on just about everything. So far, we've tried it on salmon and chicken, and it was fantastic! It's got great heat and spices to give your meats that extra kick. Their seasonings are not on sale yet, but you can keep up with them on their website: http://www.floridanativeseasonings.com/

Great on salmon and all seafood! 

Rick tried it on some chicken, which he smoked on the barbeque. Double yum!

Apparently, it goes great on gator too. This is fried gator, a photo taken from Florida Native's Facebook page. Looks so good... !

We hope you all get a chance to try their seasonings. Great stuff! 
Website:  http://www.floridanativeseasonings.com/


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