Book Update: Hunting for Food

Yes, it's been a month since we've blogged. Sorry, but February temperatures really sucked. And we thought it would be best not to whine about it all over our blog. Though, we really hope you still missed us. :-)

Although we haven't been cooking as much as we'd like, we've been busy with our upcoming book!! Titled Hunting for Food: Guide to Harvesting, Field Dressing and Cooking Wild Game, our book will be released on July 15, 2015 by F+W Media, Inc. The cover will look more or less like the one on the left. It will be 175 pages long and will include step-by-step photos on how to hunt/catch, clean and butcher 13 different species, including deer, wild hog, rabbit, squirrel, wild turkey, quail, dove, pheasant, waterfowl, game fish, turtle, frog and crayfish. Cooking tips and some recipes will be included at the end of each chapter. 

We had 9 months to write this book, and it was one of the most challenging, stressful and frustrating projects we have ever taken on in our lives. We had to photograph most of the book, and when the animals don't cooperate when you hunt them, they most likely won't cooperate when you want to take their picture! Considering the limitations we had with staying within legal hunting seasons and our deadline, there were moments when we wanted to rip our hair out. We worked right up to the deadline, and we were still trying to get the right photographs and game with only a few short weeks left. There were lots of hours on the road, blood, sweat, tears and late nights, that I can't tell you the ecstasy I felt when we finally turned in our full manuscript to the publisher last fall. Although Rick did not feel the same way, I had no desire to go hunt or fish for weeks after that. Honest to God, all I wanted to do was go to the mall.

Going out to catch crayfish in central NE.
We turned in our manuscript in October, then it became a waiting game to get the proof back from our publisher. I told Rick, "This is either going to be really cool, or it's going to suck." He grimly agreed. The whole thing passed like a whirlwind that it left us a little stunned and wondering whether we put enough time into it. Did we rush it? Will a non-hunter understand this book? Will hunters appreciate it? This was our first book, and the last thing we wanted was for it to sound like a joke.

But then it happened. Late last month, our editor Chris Berens sent us the proof of Hunting for Food in its entirety, that he and his team have been quietly, diligently piecing together. When we opened that e-mail to view the files, a second sigh of relief came-- one of great joy and pride. The editing and the layout was everything that we had hoped for. And thank goodness! The book reads like we know what we're talking about. Writing a book is much like a roller coaster with its highs and its lows. The first high was receiving the offer, and now the second was seeing our work come together in one cohesive piece. At that moment, all that time and effort we put into writing and shooting this book last year was worth every happy and disappointing moment.

Sneak peek at a couple pages from Hunting for Food.
Right now, Hunting for Food is in the author correction process. We are going through the proof for any mistakes and need for clarification. This is a very exciting time for us, and the anticipation of being able to share our book with everyone keeps building and building. In addition to Gun Digest Store and F+W Media, Inc. partners, our book will be available through major book retailers including Barnes and Noble, Amazon and many hunting and sporting good-related stores. For autographed copies, we plan to create a separate website to fulfill orders. Hunting for Food will also be available in digital format.

We believe that you will like this book. It's got hunting/fishing tips, full color step-by-step photos of how to field dress and butcher each species, cooking tips and a couple recipes at the end of each chapter. Hunting for Food focuses mainly on hunting, cooking and eating from the resources that may be found around you. It's short and sweet, not long-winded, and will serve as the perfect field guide to throw into your camper or pack when out and about. The book will make a great gift for beginner hunters or experienced hunters who need cooking tips and ideas. We can't wait for you to see it. 

Thanks to all those who have been following and supporting our blog. We couldn't have done any of this without your enthusiasm, because it's you that inspires us to continue cooking and writing. 

Best regards, 

Rick and Jen 


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