About Us

Howdy! We're Rick and Jen.  We met 3 years ago at a little stable in Anaheim, realized that we had the same passion for the outdoors and fell madly in love among the horses. Naturally, Rick bought me my first shotgun, like any loving man would do. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, we hunt together, we ride together, we hike together and we cook together. We create tasty, creative and simple recipes with wild game -- recipes that you probably wouldn't find in any ol' wild game cookbook. Borrowing from our American, Mexican and Vietnamese backgrounds, on top our our love for all things ethnic foods, we aim to show you how versatile wild game can be. We hope to inspire you to think differently about wild game and to encourage you to make adventures of your own, whether in or out of the kitchen. 


About Rick
As a start, my father was from Nebraska.  He came out to California during World War II as a soldier with the U.S. Army.  Once here, he met my Mom, she being a native Californian who had never even left the state.  Long story short, they fell in love, married, and started raising a family here in the Golden State.  I was born the 4th of 5 kids, and we grew up just 5 miles away from Disneyland. And so we'd go back to Nebraska every other year or so for our vacation.  I really looked forward to these trips. Even as a small child, I felt more at ease in the country than in the city.  Even today, I do not entirely feel comfortable living here in California, and as Jen can tell you, I yearn to go back to Nebraska any chance I can.  In Nebraska, I could fish, shoot, and just run around anytime I felt like it.  I love the open spaces, the wildlife, and just the peace and quiet that the country can bring. As an adult, I have been returning to Nebraska every year for some time now, to hunt or fish with my cousins, with whom I feel closer than just being cousins.  A strong sense of family and contentment keeps my dream of living there one day soon.

As for what has led me to this blog that I do with Jenny is the fact that obviously, I like to hunt, fish, cook and eat the bounty that our wild lands provide.  And I like to share this with all of you, our followers, friends, and family.  Hearing from all of you brings a smile to my face, knowing that we are doing something that you all like and that we have a common bond, an understanding of what hunting and fishing brings.

I hope that you keep coming back to our blog and become an active part of it.  We welcome you and do appreciate your visits.  Like family, you are always welcome to stop by, chat and share recipes and anything else that you may like to.  Help us take care of our wild places, and let these wonderful animals that we chase keep us connected to our roots as hunters and providers to those we love.   

About Jen
I haven't been around hunting for long, so all this is still a learning process for me. But I love to cook, and I love to write. I have an unending passion for the great outdoors and an eye for the finer things in life. "Fine," as in the way watching squirrels always makes me laugh, the way a warm campfire can bring back fond memories, and the way good, honest company always makes a dire situation not so bad. For me, nothing beats the lingering smell of rain and the fresh scent of pine needles in the air. At 16, I made it to the top of Mount Whitney. A few years later, I traveled to Alaska to kayak 62 miles in the Kenai Fjords, with a bunch of girls who had nothing better to do. In college, I learned to love horses and to see grace in all living things. In November 2011, I went to Nebraska with Rick and shot my first deer. There, I learned what it truly meant to participate in the natural cycle of the seasons. Lo and behold, I became a hunter, and I now reside in Northeast Nebraska as an outdoor photographer and writer for NEBRASKAland Magazine

And who could've ever guessed that I'd be doing this now? My parents and I immigrated to the United States from Vietnam when I was just two years old. Growing up, I had to do all the regular "Asian" things. You know, like violin lessons, academic pentathlons, getting straight A's. But what I longed for most were the adventures that I read about, in my favorite childhood stories like Where the Red Fern Grows, Treasure Island, Old Yeller and The Call of the Wild. I wanted to emulate young Sam Gribley (My Side of the Mountain), who ran away from home to learn how to survive by himself in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. I guess you can say that I was not typical. Not for a girl. Certainly not for someone Vietnamese. But what people may call "crazy," I say that they are lessons of a lifetime.

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