Side: Mashed Cauliflower Taters

Ok. Ok. There are no potatoes in this recipe. Sacrilege? Why, no! Low in carbohydrates and high in nutrients, cauliflower makes an excellent substitute for potatoes. It's also delicious!

- water
- cauliflower
- butter/margarine
- Lawry's Season Salt
- grated Parmesan cheese   
- parsley, chopped

Instructions: Trim leaves off cauliflower and cut cauliflower into equal sized pieces. Place in a large pot and add enough water to cover. Add a few sprinkles of salt to water and boil until cauliflower is tender. Drain completely. With a potato masher, or blender, blend until smooth. Return to pot. Mix in margarine/butter, season salt, chopped parsley and grated Parmesan cheese, to taste.

TIP: If mashed cauliflower is too watery, turn on low heat until enough moisture evaporates. Make sure to stir frequently to keep the cauliflower and cheese from burning. 

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