Man to Man Bake-Off

Check out these cakes from our friend James Wojciechowski and his sons. They won first place at the Man to Man Bake-Off at their local Cub Scout troop in Ohio. Aren't they awesome? We bet they tasted good too. Mmmm... red velvet. Thanks for sharing, James! You and the boys did a great job.

Why didn't my brother ever make fish-shaped cakes when he was in the Cub Scouts? All I remember was year after year of Pinewood Derby. Totally not edible.

Father and sons can bake too!

Brown trout of the year.

Bluegills is one of their favorites to catch and eat.

We hope these photos made you smile as much as it did for us. :-)


  1. Those are awesome, what a fun idea! I love the idea of teaching boys too cook - everyone should know how. :)

    1. I agree! Too many men suffer from "bachelor" dinners. -Jen


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