Snow Goose Kofta Kebab Pita Pocket

There is a bit of gaminess to snow geese, but it’s really not as bad as others make it sound. With conservation seasons that allow for high bag limits, we should all be thinking of different ways that we can enjoy this protein. It’s like free meat, falling from the sky! (That is, after all the permit fees, ammo, gear, decoys, time, travel…) 

Every year, people give us snow geese they don't want to eat. I bet many of you still have some in your freezers. If you did not enjoy snow goose in the past, try grinding it and loading it up with herbs and spices that will enhance the flavor of this dark, earthy meat. After, you can make burgers, taco meat, meatloaf, meatballs—anything with it. I chose to go Middle Eastern this time, a culinary tradition known for its heavy use of spices, which stood up to the snow goose meat well. Then to round out the flavors and add a bit of fat, I incorporated some pork to the ground goose mixture. Served in a pita pocket with tahini sauce and fresh vegetables, the goose went down real easy.

I also can’t reiterate enough the importance of proper field care and storage, especially with waterfowl. Get yourself a proper vacuum sealer—storing waterfowl in frozen tap water makes the meat taste off-putting. This is the last thing you want to do with such a richly flavored meat.

For the full recipe of this Snow Goose Kofta Kebab Pita Pocket, visit The Sportsman Channel online:


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