Paleo Chicken-Fried Venison Steak

Our editor at Outdoor Channel specifically requested a paleo-friendly venison recipe for hunters, and this is what we delivered. While Rick and I don't personally prescribe to the paleo diet-- though we probably should-- this recipe was quite good considering there was no yummy wheat in it. We chose coconut flour because it's less expensive and widely available.  

The taste of the coconut was at the forefront, but it wasn't overpowering. If you don't like coconut, however, then this gluten-free flour may not be for you. Almond flour will work just as well, though it's more expensive. Don't expect coconut flour nor almond flour to taste as smooth as wheat flour, which was more noticeable in the gravy. But if you can't eat wheat, then they're not bad alternatives by any means. 

If you're practicing or thinking of taking up the "paleo" lifestyle, you may find this article helpful when deciding on which flours to use with your wild game dishes:

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