Venison Tostadas

No store-bought shells beat the taste of freshly fried tortillas. And on a busy weeknight, tostadas are the less fussy cousin of the crunchy taco. Get your oil hot and fry corn tortillas flat – there’s no tricky business of trying to keep those taco shells rolled into shape. Anything that you can think to put into a taco, you can put onto a tostada: wild game, beef, chicken, leftover meat ... whatever. 

For these tostadas, we topped them off with fresh guacamole, spiced ground venison, shredded romaine lettuce and crumbly queso fresco cheese. If you like refried beans, add that, too. We ran out of beans and forgot to buy some more. Although I didn't miss it, Rick certainly did.

Don’t forget the salsa/hot sauce and beer.

For this Venison Tostadas recipe, check it out on Outdoor Channel online:


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