Thursday, October 5, 2017

Venison Tostadas

No store-bought shells beat the taste of freshly fried tortillas. And on a busy weeknight, tostadas are the less fussy cousin of the crunchy taco. Get your oil hot and fry corn tortillas flat – there’s no tricky business of trying to keep those taco shells rolled into shape. Anything that you can think to put into a taco, you can put onto a tostada: wild game, beef, chicken, leftover meat ... whatever. 

For these tostadas, we topped them off with fresh guacamole, spiced ground venison, shredded romaine lettuce and crumbly queso fresco cheese. If you like refried beans, add that, too. We ran out of beans and forgot to buy some more. Although I didn't miss it, Rick certainly did.

Don’t forget the salsa/hot sauce and beer.

For this Venison Tostadas recipe, check it out on Outdoor Channel online:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Paleo Chicken-Fried Venison Steak

Our editor at Outdoor Channel specifically requested a paleo-friendly venison recipe for hunters, and this is what we delivered. While Rick and I don't personally prescribe to the paleo diet-- though we probably should-- this recipe was quite good considering there was no yummy wheat in it. We chose coconut flour because it's less expensive and widely available.  

The taste of the coconut was at the forefront, but it wasn't overpowering. If you don't like coconut, however, then this gluten-free flour may not be for you. Almond flour will work just as well, though it's more expensive. Don't expect coconut flour nor almond flour to taste as smooth as wheat flour, which was more noticeable in the gravy. But if you can't eat wheat, then they're not bad alternatives by any means. 

If you're practicing or thinking of taking up the "paleo" lifestyle, you may find this article helpful when deciding on which flours to use with your wild game dishes:

For this Paleo Chicken-Fried Venison Steak recipe, visit Outdoor Channel online:

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Venison and Mushroom Patty Melt

This sandwich was AWESOME. It has everything I love about a good sandwich: toasty, buttery bread and ooey, gooey cheese like a grilled cheese sandwich, plus a thick, medium-rare, steak-like venison patty with jammy, savory caramelized onions and browned mushrooms. I told myself that I'd only eat half of it, but ended up eating the whole thing for lunch. Rick and I are getting married in a month, and it's a wonder why I can't lose any weight. 

For this Venison Patty Melt recipe, visit The Sportsman Channel online:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Beer-Battered Paddlefish Tacos

The fish taco originated from the Baja California Peninsula. Surrounded by ocean, this northwestern Mexican region’s cuisine differs from mainland Mexico in its abundant use of seafood. Thus, the fish taco was born—freshly fried fish wrapped in a warmed tortilla, served with a creamy, spicy sauce and crunchy cabbage. But you don’t have to live on the West coast to enjoy this iconic recipe. Any white-fleshed fish will do, and it will taste just as good.

This is one of my many versions of the fried fish taco. I had some paddlefish in the freezer that needed to be used up before freezer burn set in, and for the filling, I used whatever was on sale at the grocery store. Green or purple cabbage, it doesn’t matter; I just thought that purple would add more color. If you have the time, make your own spicy pico de gallo, red salsa or salsa verde at home. Wash down tacos with cold cerveza (beer) or margaritas on the rocks.

For this Beer-Battered Paddlefish Taco with Chipotle Slaw recipe, visit The Sportsman Channel online:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Pair Wine with Fish

I just recently wrote a story for the World Fishing Network on how to pair wine with your favorite fish. It's by no means a comprehensive guide, but it's enough information to get you started. Rick and I tend to drink wines in $10-20 range that most people can find at the grocery store, so expect no in-depth reviews of fancy and hard-to-pronounce French wines here. I discuss simple pairings for light, medium and darker fish. 

To read "How to Pair and Choose a Good Wine for Your Favorite Fish," visit:
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