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Chicken of the Woods "Club" Sandwich

These chicken of the woods mushrooms were a pleasant surprise. We found them on public land nearby, and while we were initially unimpressed by the absence of that expected "mushroom-y" aroma, chicken of the woods' unique texture is its best asset. Rick took a bite of the mushroom by itself and described it "like chicken breast without any seasonings." 

We often like to describe good mushrooms as "meaty," but with chickens, that's no exaggeration. When torn or bitten, there's a grain that's similar to meat, and resembling the breasts of its feathered name-sake, chicken of the woods' mild flavor can serve as a blank slate for all the spices and herbs that your heart desires. 

The mushrooms we harvested were not large. We could've let them grow bigger, but seeing as they were right by the trail at a public place, we got greedy and took them anyway. These were also the first chicken of the woods we've ever harvested, so curiosity won…

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