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Venison Dirty Rice

Dirty rice– the name alone makes you want to do a double take. Or maybe it's just me, because my husband tells me I always have my mind in the– oh, TMI.

If you've been following us since the beginning, you might remember a rice dish called "deer-ty rice." If not, here's the recipe to jog your memory; please excuse the sucky photography– we were just starting out!

Though that recipe was "deer-ty" rice, it definitely wasn't dirty rice. Dirty rice is a southern Cajun dish that requires offal, which we did not have at our disposal at the time. 

What is offal? Offal are the "wobbly bits" of an animal. The entrails– if you will– and for most people, that usually means the heart, liver, caul fat and gizzards. For other, more adventurous eaters, offal could also include questionable parts such as the lungs, stomach, tripe, kidneys and even the intestines of an animal.

You guessed it. Dir…

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