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Wild Boar Banh Mi

Vietnamese-French bread is the ideal sandwich bread. When fresh, its thin, golden-crispy crust offers a satisfying crunch that yields to every bite. And unlike traditional French bread, its crumb is tender and airy – not dense – perfect for filling with generous amounts of meat and vegetables, while inviting warm juices and sauces. Delicious stuffed or simply eaten with butter, Laughing Cow spreadable cheese or a few dashes of Maggi sauce – one of my mom’s favorite snacks – there’s nothing like enjoying fresh-from-the-oven bánh mì by itself. You always have to sacrifice a piece while traveling home from the bakery – at least I could never help myself. Now that I’ve made you hungry for this bread, you might be expecting a recipe, and unfortunately, I am going to disappoint.  Vietnamese families don’t typically bake their own bread at home. Visiting the neighborhood bakery while on a grocery run is a part of Vietnamese life. That’s how my family had bánh mì while I was growing up an

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