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Pheasant & Duck Matzo Ball Soup

Passover is upon us, and although I'm nowhere near being Jewish, I am an enthusiastic matzo ball soup lover. For a non-meat ball that's made of mostly unleavened bread, called matzo meal, the texture is surprisingly satisfying and "meaty." And the chicken stock that the balls are traditionally served in is deliciously savory, rich and aromatic. Because this soup is fairly simple, the texture of the matzo balls and the flavor of the broth are critical. This is one of my favorite soups, one that I could enjoy year round. Obviously, my wild game matzo ball soup recipe isn't kosher by any means – I make it because I like it. The broth is made with two whole pheasants, tons of aromatic herbs and instead of using chicken fat in the matzo ball mixture,  called "schmaltz" in Jewish cooking, I used rendered duck fat. In an attempt to stay true to the original dish, I did not add the pheasant meat back into the soup. I saved it for something else, but you can cer

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