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Walleye with Panang Curry

Fish, curry and rice go well together, and it’s a quick and easy meal to make. It’s also a nice break from all the fried fish, which seems to be what anyone ever does with walleye. Embarrassingly, this recipe was inspired by a Trader Joe’s frozen dinner: the korma fish curry, which made me realize that fish and curry can make a good pairing. While korma is an Indian-style curry, I decided to take the Thai route for this recipe. Either way, with pre-made curry sauces and pastes available to buy, curry and fish make a quick and easy meal.  I am a big fan of Mae Ploy’s curry pastes, which are widely available, easy to use and delicious. The coconut milk helps round out the spiciness. You can use just about any fish for this recipe. I decided on walleye, which is probably the most sought-after fish in Nebraska. People love it for its white, mild-tasting flesh, which also lends itself well to heavy doses of flavor, like curry.  Walleye can be delicate and skinless fillets don't do w

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