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Venison, Parsnip & Turnip Stew

We try to buy and eat food that's in season, and during the winter months, that includes a lot of potatoes, squash and root vegetables. Here's a simple recipe that will help you take advantage of limited winter produce options: This venison, parsnip and turnip stew is a hearty meal that will help chase those January and February blues away. 

For the best stew, use cuts that have a lot of silver skin. Connective tissues break down when cooked low and slow, and provides that expected gristly, yet tender stew-like texture.

White-tailed deer, mulies, elk, moose, antelope ... any of these animals will work for this recipe. We often get this question: You have so many venison recipes, but anything for elk? 

News flash. It's all venison and recipes are interchangeable. While there are nuances in flavor across different species, the meat is more or less similar in the way you cook them. Just pay attention to timing: the older the animal, the longer it will take to tenderize. Be patie…

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