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Chinese Steamed Buns with Venison and Pickles

These are Chinese bao buns, the sandwich kind. The other version is a round bun that encases a meat filling, while these are flat, bread-y rolls that can be filled at the table with whatever meat and toppings you desire. Our recipe here is traditional -- for the most part -- except the venison part, inspired by the crispy pork belly bao buns I had at Baos Hog in Garden Grove, California. Complemented by pickled carrot, red onion and crispy cucumber, with the saltiness of hoisin sauce, this is a fun recipe that will allow everyone at the dinner table to pitch in and put together. 

This recipe does take some time to make, especially the bun part, but once you learn how to do it, the next time will go a lot easier. 

For pickled carrot and pickled red onion recipes, I recommend the recipes below. If you can find daikon, use it, if not, skip it and use all carrot.…

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