Cajun Fried Frog Legs

I ate frog legs occasionally while I was growing up, but only when my mom was able to find them at the Asian grocery store. We ate them French-style: lightly battered and fried with lots of butter. When I visited Vietnam 10 years ago, frog legs seemed to be on nearly every menu I opened. Most American may cringe at the thought of eating these slimy-looking aquatic creatures, but keep in mind that frog legs are enjoyed by people all over the world. Maybe those millions of people are onto something.

When you live in the city, access is difficult, but if you're fortunate to live near a farm pond, you may be in luck. Late summer is a time to go bullfrog hunting. Catch a few big ones and frog legs will provide a low calorie, low fat and high protein meal. (Although this fried preparation will cancel out most health benefits -- hah!)

Once skinned, frog legs are not so bad looking. The taste and texture is like a cross between the mildness of chicken and the firmness of shellfish. You may also find frog legs in a few stores. Asian grocery stores often carry them frozen. Also check with your local meat shop. They may offer a limited supply of specialty/exotic meats.

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