Lipton Mint Iced Tea

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Sooo... it's been a few days after we made the Lemongrass Venison, and there's still a TON of mint leaves left. Here's a refreshing way to get rid of it.

- 1 Lipton black tea bag
- 5 mint leaves, 1 sprig for garnish
- Hot water
- 2 tsp. of honey
- Ice cubes

Boil some hot water. You'd only need enough to fill 1/3 of a tall glass. Crush the mint leaves with a pestle in the glass. Pour the hot water 1/3 of the way, and steep the tea bag as much as you can. Once you've finished, toss the bag and stir in the honey. Fill the glass to the rim with ice, and garnish. Yum!

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