UCLA's Daily Bruin: "A Hunter's Kitchen"

Happy Leap Day, everyone! We're proud and happy to announce that we made it on the front page of UCLA's The Daily Bruin newspaper today. I invited DB staff members over for dinner Monday night to give them a firsthand experience of venison, and to talk to them about what it means to be a hunter. I prepared our very first recipe Venison Steaks with Boysenberry Sauce and they all seemed to love it. Below is a picture of the story in print, distributed all around the UCLA campus and surrounding LA areas. - Jen

To read the article online, click here.


  1. Great article. I'd think anyone reading it who isn't familiar with hunting might well come away with a much more positive attitude. I should say I read every post and especially liked the background with Ricks family in Nebraska and hunting out there.

    Great Blog.

  2. Thank you for your comments, and thank you for being a faithful reader. We truly appreciate your visits! But yes, being in the Daily Bruin was a great opportunity for us to educate people who don't know hunting. It's definitely not a typical story for the Daily Bruin, and we're so happy that they took the time to talk to us.

    Rick and Jen


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