Our Night at the Ball Game

Saturday, Jen and I went to the long awaited Nebraska/UCLA football game. My cousin Chris, who lives in Lincoln, was very kind to send us tickets for the game so I would be able to sit in the stands amongst my own kind: Nebraska football fans. It was nice to see and visit with folks from the great Midwestern state. With the humid, warm weather we are having here in SoCal, it almost felt like being there. 
After waiting to get into the parking lot, which was a golf course (finally a good reason for one!), we got to hike to the Rose Bowl to get to our seats. By this time, the game was a good way into the first quarter. Why so late you may ask? It took less time to drive from where we live out to the Pasadena than it took to get off the freeway and into the parking lot, over 3 hours... Another reason to live away from the not-so-lovely L.A. region. 

With the game well into the first quarter, we passed through the gate to hear the crowd erupt and the announcer proclaim a touchdown for UCLA. Not off to a good start, I thought. 

But, not long after we settled into our seats, Husker quarterback Martinez scored on a 92-yard run, the second longest ever scored against a Bruin team. Ahhh, much better, I thought! 

The game seesawed backed and forth, with both teams tied for most of the game. UCLA was able to get into a better rhythm than the Huskers, gaining control over the ball. 

The game was tied until the fourth quarter when the Bruins scored and held on to a 30-36 upset win, sending Cornhusker fans home in disappointment. 

Afterward, UCLA did provide the stadium a firework display worthy of Disneyland. Kenny Chesney's music video showed up on the big screen, appropriately filling the stadium with his song the "Boys of Fall."

All in all, it was a good time. I got to be surrounded by fans from my "home state" Nebraska. 

Go Big Red!!

*Side Note from Jen: I graduated from UCLA. Although I love Nebraska... hardy-har-har... :-)