Crunchy Fried Pheasant Hearts

These pheasant hearts came from Pheasant Bonanza in Tekamah, NE. After a photoshoot, hunting guides Trent and Aaron out there let me have the pheasants they shot that day, and one chukar. Curious, I also asked Aaron to save the hearts for me. I always enjoyed eating chicken hearts as a kid. These couldn't be much different. 
To my pleasant surprise, these were tasty! Fish fry isn't just for fish, ya know? The lemony flavor in Louisiana's Fish Fry Seasoning Mix complemented the pheasant hearts' slightly organ-y taste. The flavor is similar to dove breasts, at least I thought so. The next time you go pheasant hunting, save the hearts and try this with your favorite sauce-- like hot sauce. You got nothing to lose. 

Aaron Schroder
Aaron is also the chef at Pheasant Bonanza's onsite restaurant called the Rooster Lodge, or Roosters. The new restaurant is only open on Thursday and Friday nights. I have made my reservation, and I can't wait! No offense to Nebraskans, but there isn't much good eating up this way-- as far as restaurants go. I'm excited that Roosters is now open for business! -Jen

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 5-10 minutes
- pheasant hearts
- Louisiana Fish Fry Seasoned Mix, or your favorite
- egg, beaten
- oil for frying 
- your favorite dipping sauce

1. Run cold water over hearts to rinse out as much blood as you can.
2. Remove any white film from the hearts. The last heart on the right in the picture below still has the film on it. Remove any valves sticking out from the hearts. Or you can keep them. I'm not real sure what would happen if you kept them on, probably nothing. 
3. Cut hearts in half and run under cold water again. Wash out any black, coagulated blood you see. Dry with paper towels.
3. Lightly beat egg. I have provided no measurements because it all depends on how many hearts you have. This is no different than frying anything else.
4. In a shallow bowl, pour some Louisiana Fish Fry mix. Coat the heart halves in the mix, then dip in egg and coat again with the fish fry mix. 
5. Deep fry in vegetable oil. Drain on paper towels and enjoy with your favorite sauce.* 

*Be careful not to burn your tongue!

Pheasant, pheasant, pheasant, pheasant, pheasant... chukar! See the size difference?


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