Rick Has Arrived in Nebraska!

Post by Jen

Photo courtesy of Mark Davis, Omaha World-Herald.*
I am happy to announce that Rick has finally arrived in Nebraska, for good! He's been away for too long, 10 months to be more exact. We've been cooking separately, spending time in the outdoors separately, and eating too many meals alone. All that has come to an end. 

While we get him settled in, we thank all of you for being so patient. There is still very much unpacking to do, which leaves little time for dreaming about wild game recipes let alone cooking them. Please hang in there with us! There will be more great things to come as we both discover the bounties that our new home in northeast Nebraska has to offer us. 

*Photo taken during Pheasants Forever Rooster Road Trip stop in Nebraska on 10/30/2013.


  1. Glad that rick is back. I hope that everything gets unpacked and you have plenty of time to relax.


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