Dam Cats!

Went catfishing last night and Rick caught these babies! Two of them! Both channel catfish were around 5 pounds, which is the perfect eating size for catfish. Bigger catfish get fatty and muddy-tasting. 

We cleaned them this morning, because we didn't get home till midnight last night-- in the pouring rain. We kept them in a cooler with ice and they were fine the next day. One was filleted and the other was gutted and cut up into steaks. Fried up one fillet in beer batter tonight for dinner-- nothing fancy-- and it was delicious! The meat was light, sweet and so moist. Nothing beats eating fish that was just pulled out of the river. You can literally taste the freshness in the meat.

Most people fillet their fish, but I'm planning on making a Vietnamese dish soon with the steaks we cut out. It was a dish I grew up eating. It would be a pleasure to recreate it using catfish we caught ourselves. Still need to get some special ingredients at the Asian market in the big city though.

Some people have asked us if we've stopped blogging because of our inactivity. No, we're still here. It's depressing that people would ask that, but it's a valid question. Since moving to Nebraska, there have a few more distractions-- fun distractions. We're still struggling to settle down into some kind of routine, but it's been tough. Rick's work schedule is constantly changing. Mine is constantly changing. We're also in the middle of writing a book. There's always something to do. It's because there just aren't enough hours during the day--

But even I know that's no excuse. I read a meme on Facebook today that said, "Saying you have no time is the adult version of 'the dog ate my homework.'" It's true, and we thank you for your patience all the same. Here's to hoping that we can get our act together one of these days, but know that we are still here to listen to any comments or questions you may have about cooking wild game. Don't forget to refer to our Recipes section for a list of links to all the recipes we have to date. 

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