Weston's PRO 1100 Vacuum Sealer

Trying out our new Weston PRO 1100 Vacuum Sealer with a smallmouth bass.
Introducing the Weston PRO 1100 Vacuum Sealer-- our new shiny kitchen toy. :-) Weston sent it to us recently and although we're in that limbo stage of no hunting, it has been warm enough to get out to do a little fishing. I went out last week to fish with a friend. He caught this nice smallmouth out of the Missouri River and gave it to me. When I brought the fish home and Rick saw it, his mouth fell to the floor after seeing how big the fish was. Apparently, smallmouths usually don't get this big, but we decided to keep it whole for grilling later on. 

Our first impressions of the Weston Pro 1100 is that it's extremely heavy duty, efficient, powerful and is more adjustable than other vacuum sealers we've used. The most surprising feature is that you can manually adjust sealing time and vacuum pressure to seal different types of foods, soft or hard. The bag roll holder is located on the back and is capable of holding a giant roll, and the cutter conveniently right in front of it. Because it is a little heavy, this vacuum sealer feels more commercial and is suitable for sportsmen looking for a permanent addition at their game cleaning station. It's not something that you would want to unpack, pack and then put away and then unpack again to use.

We look forward to using this vacuum sealer more during hunting season and giving you a more detailed report.We wonder how it will handle vacuum sealing large amounts of meat at one time, especially if we are able to shoot a deer or hog this season. Less heavy duty vacuum sealers fail at multiple uses. They overheat and stop working, which makes for a very long night, especially after a long day of hunting. We are confident that the Weston PRO 1100 will perform well.

Thank you Weston Products for giving us the opportunity to try out their new vacuum sealer! It's a beauty.


  1. Nice product! I think this one is one of the best vacuum sealersI have experienced with.

  2. would love to have a Vacuum Sealer because we buy our food in bulk and love to go to pick-your-own farms, and a sealer would ensure that none of the food went to waste or spoiled

  3. Nice! I'm thinking of getting a vacuum sealer. It's a good way to store food.

  4. I have purchased my first vacuum sealer and trying to use it properly, am yet to master the art of cutting the roll to make the single serving bags, hope to manage it soon. It is actually very trustworthy and keeps even the celery crunchy, to my wonder!

  5. Having a vacuum sealer in your home does not have to worry about spoilage.
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