Fisherman's Pie with Bacon and Saffron Sauce

Wild sockeye salmon, large fresh shrimp, thick-cut bacon and fluffy potato topping, this recipe will be a hit for this fall and winter. The saffron sauce is decadent, tying everything together. For the recipe, visit:


Beautiful sunrise on day of teal opener in Nebraska.
 In other business, what's going on with us? We know we've been quiet, and probably a little distant. You may think we're cooking less, but we've been cooking a lot. It's just that we are doing more work for clients now, which has been a nice change of pace from before. Whenever a new recipe is posted, we'll share it with you here. We hope we haven't lost you because of this, but Rick and I have bills to pay. It's great to finally have sponsors for the work we've been doing.

Dove hunt with the Bisgards in Tekamah, NE.
Hunting season is just beginning. I (Jen) have been able to tag along on a teal and dove hunt so far. Poor Rick has been working a ton and hasn't been out in the field at all. This past weekend, we did volunteer at the Missouri River Exposition at Ponca State Park in Ponca, Nebraska. We gave out all sorts of samples ... snapping turtle tacos, venison tacos, venison wrapped in bacon, venison cheeseburger sliders, turkey and pheasant legs noodle soup ... The samples went out a thousand times faster than it took to make all of it. We were able to sell some books (which you may purchase by clicking "Book" in our navigation bar) and meet some nice people. This was our second year cooking at the Expo and I expect we'll do it again next year. If you're in the Ponca, NE, area the third weekend of September next year, come visit our booth!

We also just recently moved, AGAIN-- but we finally made the big leap and bought our first house in Omaha, Nebraska! We're in it for the long haul now-- committing to be true Nebraska residents. Hopefully we won't have to move again for a long time. We've moved so many times in the last few years. We hate moving. 

Briana on her first crappie fishing experience.
And oh my, where has the summer gone? We've been so busy that it's amazing to look up and see that the leaves are beginning to turn. My longtime friend Briana from California came out to visit in July, and it was hot as hell. But I think we showed her a good time. She's never been out to the Midwest before. We taught her how to fish for bluegills and crappie at Lake Wanahoo, took her to Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, an evening boat ride on the Missouri River and also experienced fine dining in Omaha. She was only out for 3 days, but I think we gave her a good crash course on what Nebraska has to offer.

I'm still doing the horseback riding thing. It's what I love. It's what I do. A bunch of friends and I went out to Fort Robinson in western Nebraska and rode through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I'm also looking forward to foxhunting season, which is just starting. 

I also traveled to San Francisco and spent some time in Napa Valley to expand my knowledge of wine. But really. I just drank a lot. It was such a fun time with friends who drove up from SoCal to meet me there. 

A bunch of other stuff happened this summer, but I can't remember it all. We'll try to keep you guys in the loop more often. Hope you all had a great summer and best of luck to you this hunting season!


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