Wild Rice and Turkey Carcass Soup

When I can, I like to save wild game bones for stock. I usually bring large plastic bags with me when hunting, and after everyone has filleted all the breasts off their turkeys, my friends usually don't mind if I take the bones and legs. Then when I get home, I quickly rinse them off with cold water, pat dry, drop them in zip-top bags and stick them in the freezer. If it's just the carcass and bones I'm freezing, freezer burn isn't a big deal. But if I have some turkey thighs with good meat on them, I use a vacuum sealer. These bones will make the best stock, and they're perfect for soups in the winter ... which seems to be arriving sooner this year.

For the recipe, visit: http://www.bowhunter.com/recipes/wild-rice-and-turkey-carcass-soup-recipe/