Venison Scotch Pies

I was introduced to proper meat pies during a trip to Scotland, and the “Scotch” pie is one of the country’s most popular fast foods. Served at football (soccer) games and often with a side of chips and beer, Scotch pies require no wrapping and are made to be eaten by hand. The iconic rim around the top allows for holding in gravy, mashed potatoes or baked beans, although a pie factory could do a much prettier job than I ever could with my crimping skills. Scotch pies are so popular in fact that you can even order kits by mail.

I am not a baker, so I am painfully slow at anything that has to do with making, kneading and/or rolling out dough. However, hot water crust pastry is one of the easiest, most unfussy pastries I’ve ever attempted, and that’s saying something.

For the pastry, I took pointers from Keef Williamson of Keef Cooks. His northern-style pork pie recipe were absolutely wonderful, and I actually tried that recipe first to make sure I got the pastry correct. The pork pies were sooooo gooooood! I suggest you do the same, if not to test, then just to eat them. These little pies would be make a fun appetizer at your next holiday party. And they are especially satisfying with a good ale or stout.

For this Venison Scotch Pie recipe, visit Bowhunting Magazine:

You can find Keef’s original recipe for northern-style pork pies at the following link, including a step-by-step video on how he makes his hot water crust pastry: