Vietnamese Venison Stew

Vietnamese bò kho, or braised beef, was a comfort food while I was growing up. My mother made this stew year round because we liked it so much, but if you live in colder climes, this is a good recipe to add to your repertoire.

The combination of warm Asian herbs and spices, tender meat, and healthy dose of carrots and potatoes is heaven. The flavor is unlike any American/European stew you’ve ever had: lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, Chinese five-spice powder ... Serve this stew with freshly broken Vietnamese-French baguette to mop up the rich, fragrant sauce, and you’ll want for nothing else on a cold night.

This dish lends itself well to cuts of meat that are full of silver skin and gristle, such as the shoulder, neck or shanks on a deer. Cooking times will vary. I was gifted shoulders from a young deer, and it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to tenderize. An older deer may take closer to 3 hours to get to where you want it. This recipe would also work well with other game animals such a moose, elk, antelope and bear.

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