Japanese-style Braised Venison and Pork Belly - Kakuni

Kakuni is a Japanese dish of braised pork belly. It’s sweet, salty, full of umami, and tastes great over rice. To make the recipe more interesting, add hard boiled eggs and pieces of venison to the pot.

Choose deer cuts that have a lot of ligaments and silver skin running through them, such as the neck and front shoulders. When slow cooked, that collagen breaks down and imparts an amazing rich, jelly-like texture to the lean meat, which complements the fattiness of the pork belly.

Serve this dish over plain white rice. You can also thinly slice the venison while it’s cold to add to a hot bowl of ramen noodles or other Asian-style soup. Or shred the meat and turn it into a filling for onigiri—Japanese rice balls.

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