Roasted Venison Loin with Scotch Whisky Sauce

Here's another stunner for the holidays: roasted saddle of venison with creamy Scotch whisky sauce. 

I’ve made variations of whisky sauces over the years with American whisky and bourbon, but it’s distinctly different when cooked with Scotch, which is where the original sauce originated. In my opinion, the Scotch is better, but I'm partial. Not only will the sauce smell heavenly in the pan, but its creamy, malty flavor will also complement the lean gaminess of venison.

The recipe calls for butter because that's more widely available, but if you have it, substitute with duck fat – why wouldn't you? This is one of those dishes that looks like you've spent all day cooking, especially when the meat is cooked to a warm medium-rare and served with fluffy mashed potatoes and roasted fall/winter vegetables on the side. Don't worry, though; this dinner is not difficult to make. 

If you're looking to serve wild game for a special occasion, this is the recipe to try.

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