Venison Loin and Lobster

This is a Valentine's Day favorite for Rick and me: steak and lobster. It's easy, yet decadent and special. There's no need for an expensive night out and with great ingredients on hand, you can't go wrong.

An easy-to-make compound butter of shallot and chive adds a fragrant, luxurious addition to those lean venison steaks. Your date will feel completely spoiled by the addition of half lobster tails basted with garlic, sun-dried tomato and hot butter. We suggest pairing this meal with a bottle of Sangiovese: a light-bodied red wine that is delicate enough for lobster but will also hold up to the taste of venison. Pinot noir would also work. If you live where the weather is nice enough for grilling in mid-February-- that's even better.

For dessert, pour cava or prosecco-- cheaper alternatives to champagne-- and pair it with chocolate lava cake. No Valentine's Day is complete without chocolate.

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