Venison Birria Tacos


Here's a venison taco version of our "venison birria stew" recipe, which you can find here:

The tortillas were dipped into the red soup for color and then heated until toasty with duck fat in a large skillet. Fill the tortillas with venison birria, cilantro and onion, and then serve with leftover soup (called consommé) on the side to dip into while you eat these sorta crispy, sorta chewy tacos. 

My recipe is pretty soupy because I love the consommé by itself; it makes me so happy, especially when it’s cold out. You can also simmer it down further to thicken into a sauce. 

To make the tacos, see the link to prepare the venison birria, and then follow the directions below. 

- Venison birria and consommé, see recipe link above
- Corn tortillas
- Duck fat, vegetable oil or lard
- Chopped onion
- Chopped cilantro
- Lime wedges
- Crumbled queso fresco cheese


1. In a flat top or skillet, heat vegetable oil, lard or duck fat to coat over medium high heat. When the fat gets hot, dip tortillas into the the stew to wet and then transfer to the hot skillet to brown, flipping occasionally. Toast tortillas until they are no longer soggy and become slightly crispy — but not so crispy that they snap when bent. Add more fat as necessary.



2. Fill crispy tortillas with shredded venison birria and top with cilantro and onion. Offer lime wedges on the side, and if you have it, queso fresco cheese. Serve tacos with hot consommé (the soup from the stew) on the side for dipping the tacos into.