Cherry-Chipotle Goose Jerky

My favorite jerky flavor combination is sweet and salty, and if I could add fruit into my recipes, the better. The problem I’ve had with whole muscle jerky is that it’s difficult to get much fruit flavor to come through — marinating only goes so far. The solution was to make ground meat jerky. 

Dried fruit offers concentrated flavor without adding additional moisture into the jerky mixture, which can affect the mixture’s ability to bind. As the recipe says, you need to use freshly ground meat for this recipe. Do not use pre-ground meat that was previously frozen and then thawed – it’s too wet and will fall apart when you try to form the jerky. 

I used a combination of dried tart Montmorency cherries and dried cranberries. You’re not limited to just these fruits. Experiment to see which is your favorite. 

 For this jerky recipe, which also works with venison, visit MeatEater.