Venison and Noodles

The combination of meat, starch and gravy is a cornerstone in Midwestern home cooking. For me, beef and noodles is as Nebraska as it gets: tender, shredded meat suspended in thick gravy and hearty egg noodles. And if that’s not enough, this already starchy dish is often served with mashed potatoes. If a Nebraskan invites you over to dinner, know that you’ll never leave the table hungry. No surprise – this dish also works well with venison. 

With helpful hints from Tenise Schmaljohn-Jarecke and Tammy Lane Schmaljohn, sisters who own and run the Sandstone Grill in Burwell, Nebraska, I am able to share this simple yet delicious recipe that was passed down from their grandmother Elda. Their beef and noodles has kept me going during many cold horseback riding and hunting excursions near Burwell. I’m sure it’ll do the same for you this hunting season. 

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