Breeo Y Series Smokeless Fire Pit

Breeo Combines Durability and Portability with the Launch of the Y Series

We got a sneak peak of the Breeo Y Series this summer, a more portable version of the brand's original smokeless fire pits. We've always wanted a fire pit in our backyard, but aren't ready to renovate just yet. So being able to sit around a campfire behind our house, without having to dig up our yard, put down gravel and haul in blocks, was extremely attractive. The Breeo Y Series required little set up and is self containing. Accessories such as the Outpost 19 Grill and SearPlate Griddle makes it suitable for outdoor cooking as well. We're so excited to do some cooking on it this fall and winter. Nothing beats preparing a meal over an open fire. 


The Y Series is the only smokeless fire pit that can burn three types of fuel: wood, lump charcoal or pellets. It features ultra-sturdy sides and 304 stainless steel construction and includes Breeo’s lifetime warranty. The Y Series also boasts one-dump ash removal for quick and easy clean up. Developed with portability in mind, this innovative pit is 31-pounds, collapses to a compact 11-inches for transport and comes complete with a carrying handle.

The Y Series is adjustable to three different heights, to use as a campfire or to raise all the way up for grilling.  It's also the first portable fire pit to include a built-in heat shield for use on any surface—decks, wood chips, natural stone, brick and more.

“Our team has spent years perfecting a portable smokeless fire pit that meets Breeo’s high standards, and we’re proud to say we’ve accomplished that with the Y Series,” said Jonathan Miller, co-founder at Breeo. “It is easy to pack up, built to take a beating and just like every product we put our name behind, it’s made to last. With live-fire cooking capabilities and traditional Breeo craftsmanship, the Y Series was developed to elevate the campfire experience wherever adventure strikes.”

The Y Series (MSRP $495) is available for purchase on Breeo’s website as of Sept. 2, 2022. For more information on Breeo’s complete line of smokeless fire pits, cooking products and fireside furniture, please visit