Greek Lemony Pheasant Soup

Avgolemono, meaning egg (avgo) and lemon (lemono), is a Greek chicken soup that’s creamy without the use of dairy. Eggs and rice thicken it and give a silky texture that is to die for on a cold winter day. Actually, it reminds me a lot of the Vietnamese rice porridge I grew up eating, except the tartness of avgolemono might make you pucker. That leads to my next point: Traditional recipes for avgolemono call for copious amounts of lemon juice. I’ve cut down the amount of citrus in my recipe, but if you’re looking for more excitement in your life, add as much lemon as your tastebuds desire.

The fun part about this recipe is that you’ll learn how to temper, which essentially means bringing together two different liquids to a similar temperature. Dumping cold-whisked eggs into a simmering pot of soup won’t give you avgolemono—instead, you’ll get something closer to egg-drop soup. By bringing the egg up to temperature slowly, you maintain a smooth texture. 

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