Food for Hunters on Ronnie Kovach's Radio Outdoor Expeditions

Rick, on the radio! If you ever wondered what Rick sounds like, this is it. This past Saturday, we called into Ronnie Kovach's Radio Outdoor Expeditions show to push our blog. It was a great opportunity to show off what we do. Thank you Ronnie for suggesting the call. We look forward to his Game Feast 4 Freedom event on July 2nd! Look below for more information. 

Tune in to KLAA AM 830 this Saturday, June 23rd to catch Rick again. We will be on air sometime between 5-7AM (Pacific Time)! Probably closer to 6. We'll be in the studio with Ronnie to talk more about our blog. 

Most of you probably don't live in SoCal, so you can listen to the station online here