Food for Hunters: End of the Year Update

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We're sorry about being a little MIA, but we barely had a chance to get into the kitchen these past couple weeks. After visiting all sorts of family, relatives and friends, and having all that ham, prime rib, tamales and egg rolls, little time was left for cooking. And you know you can't leave a dinner party without taking leftovers home. We love the holidays, but we're also glad it's over. I think I gained a few pounds... oy! Time to hit the gym again. 

I know Christmas isn't about presents... but I made out pretty good this year! Since everyone knows I'm leaving for Nebraska very soon for my new job with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, I feel like I've been showered and blessed with so much love and kindness this season. Knowing that I only have 2 weeks left with my parents, my brother Ngoc, my best friends Briana and Stephanie, and Rick... I'm pretty scared. So I made everyone promise to visit me in Nebraska. 

Yesterday, the moving truck came. The plan is to ship all my furniture and half of Rick's out to Norfolk, Nebraska. That way, Rick and I can enjoy a more leisurely road trip, to meet the moving truck at my new apartment once we get there. Along with Rick's brother Bob who came to help, we spent the entire day wrapping furniture, packing things in boxes and trying to fit it all in a 5 foot space. Aside from breaking a bit of sweat, everything went quite smoothly. 

The plan is to leave Anaheim, California on January 9th. Because we're taking my little Honda Civic, we'll be taking the scenic route, through Flagstaff, Gallup, Amarillo, Oklahoma City and then straight through Kansas to Nebraska. Yesterday, Rick and I were on Yelp, looking up all the local eateries we should hit for meals. We're going to eat our way to Nebraska! (So much for the holidays being over...)
Rick and I will be tweeting and posting about our drive to Nebraska starting January 9th, 2013. If you haven't yet, you can follow us here on and

Many of you may be wondering what will happen to Food for Hunters after January 13th, which is the last day I'll see Rick for an entire year... (I feel sick just thinking about it.) I'm crossing my fingers that it will be less than a year-- I told him that he has until the second Hobbit movie hits theaters. Anyway, rest assured that Food for Hunters will still be alive and well, just different. Expect to see Rick write more. Since we'll be apart, we will take turns cooking each week. I'm excited to have Rick offer his voice more often to Food for Hunters. 

We also hope to move our blog from Google blogger to We have been pondering this move for a long time. After seeing how great our friend Will Jenkin's new website looks at The Will to Hunt, I think it's about time to make the leap. It's just finding the time to actually do it. 

With my new job, I hope to be able to share with you some of my adventures as I discover the state of Nebraska on my own. 

Needless to say, there will be many changes in this upcoming new year. We can't exactly say what it has in store for each of us yet, but we're excited to see how things will unfold. As we enter our next year of blogging, we are delighted to see that our readership continues to grow, and that so many of you are interested in what we're doing. Without you, there wouldn't be a reason for this blog.

Tonight, Food for Hunters will be back in business. I've invited my friends over for dinner. Rick and I will be cooking up a Bison Pot Roast with baby bella mushrooms, carrots and potatoes. 

And if things go according to plan, we'll also be making a roast goose tomorrow. Cousin Keith gave us an entire Canada goose while we were in Nebraska. We're both super excited to see how that will turn out. Never ever cooked a whole goose before. Stay tuned!


  1. I wish you both the best in 2013. It's going to be a challenge, but I know you guys will do it. I am excited for what's to come. Good luck on the new position and I can't wait to read about some new adventures. (Sounds like Rick and I will need to get together for some hunting. You know, to keep up on the blog posts.) Good fortune!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Al. It will be tough, but I believe that great things are a-comin'! You should also subscribe to NEBRASKAland Magazine. :-)

      Rick would really appreciate a hunt with you. I wish he had more guy friends to hunt with out here.


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