Oak Glen Apple Orchards

I hate Black Friday shopping. I pretty much avoid it at all cost. So the day after Thanksgiving, I took my family to Oak Glen for the annual Apple Butter Festival. Oak Glen is a little town in the mountains where you can go pick apples, make your own cider and buy all things apple flavored. Unfortunately, we were a little late for apple picking, but there were plenty of little shops to visit and browse. 
There were a few deer in the main village. They were fenced in, which I thought was kind of odd. 
Did I mention this post is PG-13? ... 

Oops. T'is the season! ;-)

My brother's new Facebook photo. 

Anyway, the trees were beautiful. My mom went absolutely goo-ga-ga over them. She ran around asking random strangers the names of each and every tree, because she absolutely had to know, and because she's crazy.  She's obsessed about plants, ya know? You should see how much she can force into her little garden at home. 
My parents enjoying the fall scenery. 

They also had pony rides, but I'm too big. 

Oooh... pretty [fake] flowers. 

There was also a little woodworking shop. You can buy customized wooden keychains, clocks, portraits. You name it!

The guy who makes them has been doing it for years. 

The Duke. Pretty impressive.

My brother with the folks. 

AND... they have barbecue!! 

Riley's at Los Rios Ranchos bustled with shoppers. The store was filled with fresh apples, chips, jerky, apple butter, jams and jellies, homemade pies, pastries, cider and souvenirs.

Wait... Does this count as Black Friday shopping?

I loved the decor.

At the Apple Butter Festival, they made... apple butter!

Which I got to stir for 2 seconds. 

Kids enjoyed little activities here and there. 

Looks like some Medieval yo-yo... 

My brother was very fascinated with with the apple peeler. 

For $15, you can make your own apple cider. It's a pretty rough process. You grind the apples first, then you press it, then you pour it into a bottle. It comes out kinda cloudy, but I bet it's super good. 

My parents got tired.

At another apple farm, we found a creek-- or some like to call it, "crick."

There were some apples left, but they were pretty much all gone. 

Fresh hoe cakes for a dollar.

For an extra 50 cents, choose from apple and pumpkin butter-- or both (ewwww)-- for a topping. 

My brother tried his hand at knife throwing. He sucked.

Afterwards, we went home. It was a nice time spent with my family, enjoying great weather and fresh mountain air. If you want to pick apples, I suggest you go before Thanksgiving. Oak Glen is open year round and there's always something going on.