Venison Un-Kabobs

Hello to all our summer grilling fans! Yup, that time is here when all you grill masters pull out your barbecue, clean them up and get ready for our favorite outdoor cooking season. Kabobs are always a favorite way to cook meat but we are going to put a little spin on this particular way of cooking. Instead of using skewers, we will use a hinged grilling grate. 
This will help keep those wonderful juices inside the meat and not dripping out of those savory little chunks. This particular marinade gives a deliciously different flavor than the usual tastes we associate with kabobs. Also, I am keeping the potatoes and mushrooms separate in this cooking method so you can control the tenderness of the potatoes. Corn is in season right now, making it the perfect reason to get a pile and cook them per our Perfect Corn on the Cob recipe, found in our recipe index at the top. Please enjoy! 

Servings: 2
Prep Time (including marinating time): 2 hours
Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes
- 1 lb. venison stew meat
- 1 cup of burgundy wine
- 1/2 cup of soy sauce
- 1 tbs. of curry powder
- 1/4 tsp. of ground ginger
- 2 cloves of garlic, minced
Kabob ingredients
- 2 medium tomatoes, sliced
- 1 green pepper, sliced
- 1 medium onion, sliced
- 1 zucchini, sliced
- 1 package of sliced mushrooms
- 1 15 oz can of sliced potatoes, drained
- 3 tbs. of butter
- garlic salt, to taste
- ground black pepper

1. Clean stew meat of all silver skin and fat. Cut into 1 to 1 1/2-inch cubes. Set aside.
2. Combine burgundy, soy sauce, curry powder and garlic into a non-reactive bowl and place venison into the marinade.
Marinate for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. 
3. While the meat is marinating, slice the zucchini, onion, green pepper and tomatoes. Set aside. 
4. In a medium frying pan, melt butter, an eighth of the sliced onion and mushrooms. Saute for about 10 minutes then add potatoes. Season with garlic salt and ground black pepper. Sauté for another 10 minutes, cover and set aside. You don't want to get the potatoes too soft.
5. Start the barbecue. While the coals are getting hot, open a hinged grilling grate and place the zucchini, the rest of the onion, green pepper, tomatoes and meat in it and secure snugly. 
6. Place the grate on the grill, cooking for about 5 minutes on each side. Make sure you do not overcook the meat. 
7. Serve un-kabob ingredients with potato/mushroom mixture and your favorite beverage!