Product Review: Mr. Grill Cleaning Brush

Mr.Grill, a company that sells high-quality grill accessories, sent us their 18" Grill Cleaning Brush to review. According to the product website, the brush features: 

- 18" long solid oak handle to clean all corners of the grill while hot without burning your hands
- High quality, long lasting brass bristles that will not scratch your grill over time
- Unique T-brush design allows you to get in all nooks and crannies 

After using the Mr. Grill brush, we have concluded that we really like it! You can get one on Amazon for just $8 bucks right now, and it is worth every penny. The cleaning brush is solidly built, and follows through on its promises. The handle is sturdy and was long enough to keep the hair on Rick's knuckles from burning off over the fire. The brass bristles did not mark our grill at all, and did a good job at scrubbing the areas between the grates. It quickly and easily removed all the leftover bits of food that got cooked onto our grill. Just pass the brushes over the grates a few times and call it good. The whole thing is easy to handle.

To find it online, click here:

The brush cleaned our grill nicely, which we later made dove poppers on. Mmmmm ... Dove poppers. You can find the recipe here, the same recipe we used for these duck poppers-- no brining required for doves.


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