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Hello Food for Hunter-ers! We are giving away a FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer package at the end of this month!* If you have been following us on Facebook, you are probably already aware of this giveaway, but here's another reminder! The winner will receive 1-GameSaver Titanium G800, 1-11x10 heat seal roll, 1-15x10 roll, 3-Gallon Dam Bags, 1 pack of Heavy Duty 11x12 (2 rolls), 1 pack of 15x20 (2 rolls), 1 pack of 11x18 (2 rolls), 2-11x16 rolls, 1-square marinator and 1 Better Venison Cookbook by Scott Leysath. This prize package is worth $450! For product specs, please visit

To enter, you must have our Food for Hunters Facebook page "Liked." Then simply "Like" the post regarding this giveaway pinned at the top of our Timeline and then Share it. All entries must be received by November 1, 2014 at 12:00 A.M. One (1) winner will be chosen randomly. If the winner cannot be contacted, we will choose an alternate winner. 

Our Facebook page address is:

If you don't have a vacuum sealer or have been wanting to get one, this is your chance! We have used FoodSaver since the beginning, and we cannot live without it. If you're a big game hunter, a vacuum sealer is a necessity. There is no way that you can keep your meat as fresh as the day you butchered it a year, 2 years or even 3 years later in the freezer without having it properly vacuum packaged. We probably wouldn't hunt as much as we do without one of these babies-- there is no bigger disappointment than freezer burned wild game and fish. We use our vacuum sealer for everything, deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, quail, dove, waterfowl, fish, wild pig, crawfish-- everything. It works great and is one of our favorite tools in the kitchen.  

We've had several models over the years, our latest was the Silver. The Titanium is the best one yet, and is a whole step above compared to other models. Other vacuum sealers did a great job, but they could not handle high-volume packaging. It was annoying to have to stop every few packages to allow the sealer to cool down. You can imagine how impatient we get trying to package a whole deer and it's getting late at night. The GameSaver Titanium, the model that we will be giving away here, is designed with the big game hunter in mind. We love that it allows for 100 continuous seals and that it can do double seals. We double seal all our wild game for extra assurance, especially when we know we won't get to it soon. With two seal strips, this saves us the extra step of having to seal the package again.  

This is a great product. It is heavy duty and will give you many years of service. Hope you all get the chance to enter and good luck!

* This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By participating, you hereby release and hold harmless Facebook from any and all liability associated with this promotion.


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  2. Love your blog, found it through 2 peas.

    You mention in a previous post about trimmed chicken breast, where do you buy your poultry, and will the package say "trimmed"? Or do I need to go to a grocery store that has a butcher? What's a good price to pay for it? Best Vacuum Sealer


    1. Can you tell us which post? I don't think we've ever used trimmed chicken breast before... or too much chicken in our recipes, for that matter. Perhaps you're thinking of trimmed beef fat or pork?

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  5. I love myBest Vacuum Sealer; when I asked for it for Christmas a few years ago, my husband thought I was setting some kind on sinister trap, where I would then freak out because he bought me an appliance for Christmas, wah! Instead, I was thrilled and immediately got up from under the tree to go plug it in.
    I use my vacuum sealer constantly. I can buy meat at low prices in those huge packages, then come home and separate it into portions we will really use, without worrying about freezer burn. I use it to freeze berries in summer, so I can make jam in the winter, rather than during the worst of the heat.
    Produce from my garden gets blanched, flash frozen, and then vacuum sealed. Likewise dried fruits and berries. I freeze soup in three cup portions in a low sided plastic dish, then knock the block of soup out of the container and vacuum seal it for long term storage

  6. I bought an inexpensive vacuum sealer at WalMart. I thought I could get a better one later if it worked out. However, I am so happy with this one that I intend to keep it. I buy large packages of meat when it’s on sale and repackage when I get home. I have used it for dry goods also but not as much as frozen foods. It was a great investment and has saved me a lot of money.

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