Vietnamese Black Bear Pâté Chaud

This recipe reminds me of my childhood. My mom made these all the time while I was growing up, and I was reminded of them again recently. Pâté chaud is a savory hand pie, filled with ground pork, common Asian herbs and spices, wrapped in flaky puff pastry. It is a classic example of French-Vietnamese cuisine and is a mainstay pastry item in Vietnamese bakeries everywhere—grab a coffee to-go and pick out a pâté chaud to take with you in a paper sack.

Black bear meat is dark and rich, and delicious ground up for recipes such as this; it came from a friend who went black bear hunting in Saskatchewan. Due to the risk of trichinosis, bear meat should not be eaten red. Hank Shaw at said:

“To kill trichinae parasites you need to hit at least 135°F and hold it there for a long time, at least an hour. Safer to get the meat up to 145 to 150°F, which is medium— still pink, by the way. Ignore the old warnings about 180°F and such.”

For the best table fare, look for meat in bears that have been foraging on berries and not on fish.

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