Hunting: "Female Voices"

"I have noticed, lately, the lack of female voice when it comes to hunting magazines/websites. I know there are tons of great female "huntresses" out there and would find it interesting to hear their voices. I write some myself and have had a bit of a hard time finding out how to submit to the magazines/websites, but still I try everyday...not because of an internal desire to be published, but in the hopes that someday women hunters will not be in the minority. I want my 16 mo. old daughter to grow up with strong role models, not tweens who go crazy the moment their Disney contract ends!”

Thanks to whomever started this thread on I've never hunted before, but have become increasingly interested. Before I met Rick, the world of hunting was like Jeremiah Johnson for me, merely folk tales. I'm also from California, so hunting has always been kind of taboo. As for myself, I was on the fence. I didn’t know what to think about it. In fact, I had never even thought about it. It was simply understood around here as something people did not do anymore. It didn't exist.

Oh. And did I mention I was Asian? Hunting-- anything physical, really-- belongs to the world of men in Asian culture. Not that I ever let it stop me.

Rick started slow and was respectful about it. It started with just stories, stories that I came to fall in love with. He told me about his family back in Nebraska, how much he loves hunting with his cousins and just being outside and living off the land. Then he showed me all his rifles and shotguns, ones he's had for a very long time. I could tell it was something special for him. “I’ve never shown any woman my guns before,” he said. It made me laugh because he was actually sweating.

He also showed me how to trim and prepare venison. I loved it so much that I started a food blog about preparing wild game. Slowly, I realized that hunting isn't just a sport, filled with testosterone-crazy men. It's about family, tradition and reminding yourself that every meal is a gift. I am lucky for such a good start, and I have Rick to thank for that.

I have been learning how to shoot, and will be going to Nebraska with Rick this fall. I've never been to the Midwest before and am anxious to experience what he's been talking about for the past two years now. He also got me my first shotgun, which I am very excited about. Who would’ve thought that I would ever become a gun owner? It’s not something you’d hear often from a woman in LA.

This thread has inspired me. Perhaps I will write something about my experience when I return from Nebraska, proudly knowing that I shot my first deer. I love to write and have been doing it for a while, both for fun and professionally.

And yes, I will be writing from a purely female perspective.



  1. As a female living in LA who has yet to have her first hunt, I enjoyed reading this post and can relate to a lot of it!

    I look forward to more recipes/posts regarding wild game and hunting from the female perspective.

    Sincerely, Beretta Fleur

  2. Beretta,

    It makes me happy to hear from other women. I look forward to the few months to come, and will surely keep you posted. Thanks for your support.



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