Wow! Thanks to all for checking out our blog and liking our recipes. We had a big number of hits yesterday.

Following what we tweeted a couple days ago, we wish we could cook more often for you, but our day jobs don't leave leave much room except on weekends. Don't be discouraged if you keep checking back and nothing new is posted up. We haven't forgotten, and we'd hate to lose you. We usually cook on Sunday nights, and the post goes up by Monday. The best time to check back is at the beginning of the week. 

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Now and then, we'll post up something interesting-- gun/hunting/cooking related-- in the middle of the week. We wish we could just stay at home and cook all day! (Outside of hunting season, of course.) 

Fall is also just around the corner. We hope all your hunting preparations are going well.
Outside of Nebraska in November, Rick and I are kicking around feasible options for hunting around California. We hope to get other kinds of game besides deer to cook up. 

-Rick and Jen

As you can tell, we're huge Gordon Ramsay fans. I, for one, really respect the man for putting his neck on the line just to show us what people eat around the world. Here's another video of his culinary adventures in Cambodia, featuring frog hunting, catching and frying tarantulas with villagers and sacrificing a water buffalo for a traditional tribal wedding. When this video stops, click "Up Next" on the screen to watch the next section of video.