Prado Olympic Shooting Park


Rick, at Prado, where the 1984 Olympics was held. He took me out to shoot trap for the first time last Friday. At one point, I whispered over to him, for fear of accidentally triggering the voice operated trap house AGAIN, "Jeez! This is so hard!" And it was hard. I'm new to this, so I keep shooting behind. Still not at the point where I'm thinking about what I'm doing yet. I see the target, and I just pull the trigger. Meh. More practice for me. 


However, I did see four-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode practice there that morning. She said "hi" to me, and it kinda gave me the goose bumps. That woman can shoot! Like, JEEZ LOUISE. 

To update on what's all been going on...

All recipes now have printable .pdf versions. Again, the link to the download is located at the top of each recipe post in red, "Download Printable Recipe." It will lead you to and you can click the yellow button to download from there. It's perfectly safe. 

Rick and I will be at the Santa Barbara Fiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo all day tomorrow. It should be tons of fun. We're hoping to get some great pictures tomorrow.  So look out for those.

Sunday is usually our regular cook at home day, but will be having a potluck at the Rancho Del Rio Stable (in Anaheim, near Disneyland) with some friends instead. We will be working on a fish dish Sunday, so that will be our next recipe. 

Next Saturday, the 13th is Hunter Safety Course day for me-- first steps towards getting ready for the deer hunt in Nebraska this fall. I'm looking forward to the class, but not having to get up before the sun. We've been scouring through Bass Pro Shop ads for sales on hunting gear for me. How exciting!