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Hi everyone! If you're a Southern California resident, or just happen to be in the area, be sure to check out the Fred Hall Show! We were there yesterday, Friday March 10th.  It was pleasant to see so many people attending on a Friday. Unfortunately, tomorrow (Sunday) will be the last day of the Long Beach Show. But have no fear! The Fred Hall Show will make its stop in San Diego March 22-25th. 

Sporting Chef Scott Leysath of Hunt Fish Cook TV is always our favorite stop. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year. As always, his seminars are always informative, tasty and inspiring. Scott is one of our inspirations.

Scott prepared Asian-inspired dishes of fresh tuna, scallops, shrimp, elk and venison. We watched close up views of his progress on a giant TV screen.

Yum! Doesn't that look amazing?? 

Of course, people came running and screaming to taste Scott's dishes.

Scott was nice enough to give us a picture. Always a pleasure seeing him at the Fred Hall Show!

There was also a knife throwing show, which was a complete hoot! A couple kids from the crowd volunteered their daddy up on stage. The sword thrower asked the boy to rate his father's braveness from 1-10, 1 being "Yellow Bellied" and  10 being "John Wayne," and the boy said, "Six!" And his father is in the NAVY! The crowd just crawled with laughter.

There were also great fishing seminars, including free fly fishing lessons!

Some samples of the kind of fish you can catch in Irvine Lake. Pretty impressive!

 Rick checking out the latest fishing reels. 

 And the trucks... :-) Ok, maybe I was checking out the trucks.

We also met the Fly Fishers Club of Orange County. The picture below is a member tying a fly at their booth. Hmmm ... since they're so close to home, we just may have to check them out.

When we came out, it was dark and we were starving. We parked by 2nd Street and walked around to find something to eat. It's always fun to hang out in a beach town. For "Winter," it was rather warm yesterday, probably in the 80s. Rick and I sat outside at the Taco Surf Restaurant and enjoyed some beer, margaritas, tacos, tamales and carnitas. It felt just like a summer's night. Their margaritas were DELICIOUS, and it was cheap too! I had a couple. ;-)

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