Support CA Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards

Write to California representatives regarding CA Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards. He had every right to hunt for mountain lion in Idaho, where it is LEGAL. Fish and Game will meet tomorrow regarding Richards' employment status. Act now!!!
Read the latest updates and contact the CA Fish and Game Commission, Gov. Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Gavin here:
Dear Lieutenant Governor Gavin:

I am writing regarding Commissioner Dan Richards of the CA Fish and Game Commission. I strongly urge that you DO NOT REMOVE Richards from his position in the Commission. The fact of the matter is that RICHARDS BROKE NO LAWS. It's complete insanity to strike someone down when they have done nothing wrong. PURE OPINION AND EDITORIAL MAKE DANGEROUS FOUNDATIONS FOR RUNNING A STATE. Richards had every RIGHT to hunt for mountain lions in Idaho, were IT IS LEGAL. His personal and LEGAL vacations are no concern to the people of California. I would wish the same for you, Lieutenant Governor.

I am a Californian, and I do not believe that mountains lions in Idaho have anything to do with the interests of Californians. They are the least of our concerns and this whole thing is a complete waste of time and dollars. I hope that you will help urge the CA Fish and Game Commission tomorrow to make the right decision regarding Richards' career. Let’s end this impertinent debate and create some jobs here. Thank you for your time.

Jenny Nguyen
Garden Grove, CA


  1. Take this cougar on with your bare hands...then I'd be impressed. Small penis syndrome killing a majestic animal like this. Prove it otherwise. There is no rational to killing a mountain lion, unless it has been acclimatized to humans and is problematic in a public area.

    Hope this clown loses his job.

  2. It's called population control. Mountain lions wipe out deer and elk communities, which are equally majestic animals. If you knew anything about biology and animal populations, you'd understand. Wonder why you rarely ever see deer in Southern California? What the government doesn't tell you that it hires people to shoot mountain lions because populations are out of control. California could be MAKING money by allowing cougar hunts instead of secretly paying off professionals to do the job. You do the math. And there is no shame in taking in pride in what you kill. If you kill something, you recognize it, and you respect it. I hope you're a vegetarian, and not a hamburger-loving hypocrite.

    Not to mention, cougars are also supposed to be tasty.

  3. I agree! he was in the rights by all means of the laws! I have never eat COUGAR but I bet it would blow mc D's and subway all to hell, not to mention that the cat might not fly out of you as fast as that cheeseburger. I just wouldn't lock the bathroom door behind myself(crap a cougar and it will tear ignorance up)L.O.L


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