Malibu Creek State Park

A year ago, we went to Malibu Creek State Park to camp. It's located just north of Los Angeles, and it's one of our favorite places in Southern California.  This past weekend, we returned to Malibu Creek for a day of hiking and to photograph the park's stunning landscape, flora and fauna. We got great shots of mule deer via digiscoping, which is when you mount a camera to a spotting scope. This is especially useful to hunters who don't own a high power telephoto lens, but do own a spotting scope. If the animal doesn't present an opportunity to shoot, might as well do some shooting with your camera to show all your friends and family back home what you saw, and to prepare for the next season.

Most of the deers shots here were taken from at least 400 yards away. So if you haven't already seen our pictures on Food for Hunter's Facebook page, here a few of our favorite photos from our day in the woods. But really, we encourage you all to follow us on Facebook. We will be able to offer you more interactive content. We post almost everyday to our page there.

A group of does. 

A beautiful doe we spotted coming from the treeline.

She got quite close. Then some bikers came by and scared her off. If you must bike in the wilderness, try to be less obtrusive. 

Spike! We were surprised to see some young bucks starting their antlers early.

Wonder what they were looking at ... probably some hot does across the ways. 

While hiking earlier in the day, we came by a big ol' rattlesnake! We think it's a southern pacific rattler. 

It slithered across the trail and into the grass on the other side. 
The trees there are beautiful. Many just stood by themselves, probably for hundreds of years-- since the Chumash lived in this valley. 

There were also a lot of turkey vulture.

Tree tunnel!

Rick's handsome smile. I think he's having fun. 

We hiked to a place called the Rock Pool. Some splunkers came climbing by...

Remember "Romey" the Roaming Fox? Well, he made friends with a crawdad. 

It was a beautiful little spot. We were bummed that we didn't bring our bathing suits. 

California poppy, growing in the wild. So pretty... 

Here's me sitting by the creek. I know I'm having fun!

If you come to Southern California, Malibu Creek State Park is definitely a must visit to get away from all the nasty city lights and sounds. 
The Sahara mustard plant is a common sight in California parks. They originate from North Africa and the middle east. They're invasive, but we still think they're pretty. 

The scottish thistle. If allowed to grow bigger, they grow into artichoke like bulbs. They actually taste like artichokes too, except tinier. 

Game trail!

Before we left, I sneaked up on some deer just before sunset. I got pretty close and took this picture with my zoom lens.

Here is one last photo of the valley before dark.

Thick clouds from the sea came rolling in ...

As it got darker, the sound of frogs surrounded us. Funny, because we didn't see a single frog all day. Where did they come from? It kind of reminded me of my visit to Vietnam many years ago. The sound of frogs littered the night, so much that it was hard to fall asleep. 

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