Tomorrow, we will make a Tin Plate Special. What is it? All we can say is that it's better than the Blue Plate Special, and it's something a little closer to home. 

Enjoy a random picture of a cowboy hat on a pink table cloth. This picture was taken at a friend's, friend's Quinceanera. It's sort of like the "Sweet Sixteen" of the Latin American world, except it's celebrated at 15. I got to tag along. No one spoke a lick of English throughout the entire ceremony, but that was part of the fun. There were lots of chips and salsa, and jamaica!!! (A Mexican hibiscus flower drink.) So I was kept quite happy. 

I absolutely love photographing kids. They're so honest.


  1. You had such an amazing family, cute little kids.

  2. They were adorable! I personally didn't know the family, but everyone was really nice.


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