First Day of Work

I'm pleased to report that my first day of work went very well today! After a bittersweet farewell to Rick in Omaha, I made my way down to Lincoln yesterday. I am spending a week down here for training at the main Nebraska Game and Park Commission office in town. I guess everyone was expecting my arrival or something because they all knew my name before I even offered my hand to shake! Everyone was super cool. I just love Nebraskans. I already feel like I'm at home. Although I hate the weather as much as I thought I would-- it was flippin' 5 degrees this morning!-- I'm very excited for all the things I will learn in the next few years.

I am pretty sure I can nail the photography and writing portion of the job, but the public aspect will be a challenging learning experience. It's the most scary part of my job description, actually... just being able to gain the confidence to speak to people of all walks of life, ages and expertise, and being able to communicate and promote an excitement for the outdoors to the public-- and not sound like a total idiot. Just coming out of college, that is not a skill that I have yet perfected. I'm still very much the green, wide-eyed kid who left home for the first time for college not too long ago. I guess that's a skill that comes with time and experience.I will not only have to learn to put myself out there more, but to also be patient with myself. This is a huge opportunity for me to grow as a writer, photographer, outdoors-woman and all-around person. I'm very grateful and excited. 

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Anyway, you may be wondering when the heck we will post up another recipe. Well, be patient. Driving cross country in 3 days, unloading in 1, and starting work 3 days later is no joke. Rick and I are still trying to get back into the rhythm of things... and it's hard especially now because we're apart. But please check back for updates. Hopefully, there will be a recipe soon. We thank you for your patience!