Morel Mushroom, Bacon and Duck Egg Salad

I wanted to make a pretty dish so I made this. 

Any bacon will do for this recipe but to complement the morels, we used high quality, thick-cut Duroc bacon that our local butcher makes.

Common during morel season are also woodland violets, which come in a variety of colors. I was able to find three different colors in one area: violet, white and yellow. They were so pretty that I had to do something with them. 

One problem with woodland violets is that they wilt quickly, especially during a hot day of foraging. To perk up the flowers, dampen a paper towel and place it in a zip-top bag. Place the flowers into the bag and refrigerate with the bag slightly open. They will come back good as new and will keep a few days this way. Woodland violets don’t taste like anything and are completely optional.

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