Wild Turkey and Morel Mushroom Burger

With coinciding seasons, wild turkey and morel mushrooms make a sensible pairing. This wild turkey and mushroom burger was made in honor of spring: to herald in the new hunting and growing season with ingredients found in the woods.

The turkey patty was made with no fillers—no breadcrumbs nor egg. I wondered how well ground wild turkey would hold together, and I’ve found that it cooks up quite nicely. This recipe is a good way to use up those wild turkey thighs and legs. If you’ve never kept the thighs and legs on a wild turkey, you’ll kick yourself after finding out how much meat you have been wasting.

Freshly ground turkey holds together best, but if you grind your meat before freezing, allow thawed ground meat to drain in a colander first before forming and cooking. If needed, use paper towels to pat excess liquid. Thawed, pre-ground meat tends to be wet, and it is this moisture that prevents ground wild game from binding. 

To view this Wild Turkey and Morel Mushroom Burger recipe, visit: https://www.gameandfishmag.com/editorial/wild-turkey-and-morel-mushroom-burger-recipe/193104