Wild Turkey Legs Chipotle Fried Tacos

These turkey and chipotle fried tacos are by no means healthy, but I promise that they will be gobbled up so quickly. Have you ever had a Jack in the Box or Burger King fried taco? They were filled with a weird meat paste that was so disgusting yet so addicting at the same time.

Well, these tacos are all crunchy, greasy goodness—filled with wholesome ingredients hunted by you.

I would reserve this recipe for the legs on a wild turkey. Tough and full of pin bones, these parts are better in recipes that require slow cooking. Since turkey legs can take seemingly forever to tenderize, I'd bring out the Crock Pot for this recipe. I'm not big on slow cookers, but they have their place.

For this Wild Turkey Legs Chipotle Fried Tacos recipe, visit http://osa.outdoorchannel.com/article.aspx?id=52011&articletype=article&key=Wild-Turkey-Leg-Chipotle-Fried-Tacos-Recipe