Safari Club International Orange County: Craig Boddington

Last Thursday, Rick and I popped by the Safari Club International's monthly meeting (Orange County). We're glad we made it because Craig Boddington was the speaker of the evening. He is Rick's favorite writer. 

Craig talked about hunting cape buffalo-- which is Rick's ultimate dream hunt. 

Rick's heart went pitter patter the entire time, looking at Powerpoint slides of Craig's past trophies. He was completely engrossed. 

Rick talking to Craig about buying a gun, for moi. I am a left handed shooter, but really right handed. Rick is left handed, but shoots right hand. It's very confusing. 
Craig Boddington is perhaps the most well published writer in his industry. It was a pleasure to meet him, since I hope to become a professional outdoor writer someday... one day... 
Safari Club International is one of the largest, if not the largest, hunting organizations in the world. Many non-hunters may not know that hunting and conservation goes hand-in-hand. In order for our wildlife to thrive, lands must be set aside and populations must be controlled and balanced. 
As human beings, we have to remember that we, too, are integral parts of our ecosystems. Imbalances in our natural world can cause catastrophic crashes. It is up to the hunter to bring back that balance to keep our wild places healthy. 
This is George Schofhauser, responsible for recruiting new members into the Orange County Chapter. George, it was a pleasure meeting you. We will join as soon as we can. We admire all that SCI does. 
Craig signing some autographs. 
Every meeting, there is a raffle. Proceeds goes towards SCI's programs and conservation efforts.  Thank you to Matt McCroskey for keeping us up to date with all of SCI events.